Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Pregnancy may be a significant time of change, both physically and emotionally. North Obstetrics offers you comprehensive individualised private obstetric care undertaken by obstetricians Dr Kathryn Austin and Dr Margie Harpham.

Dr Austin and Dr Harpham belong to a specialised group of obstetricians known as ‘Maternal Fetal Medicine’ or ‘MFM’ obstetricians. MFM obstetricians have the highest possible qualification in obstetrics. Dr Austin and Dr Harpham can provide the full spectrum of pregnancy care including care for healthy, well women through to care for women with complex conditions of pregnancy. That way, no matter what eventuates in your pregnancy you know you will be in the best hands.

Dr Austin and Dr Harpham provide evidence-based, personalised care based on excellent communication. We are an all-female practice, mothers ourselves and understand both personally and professionally the importance of holistic obstetric care throughout pregnancy and post-pregnancy period.

The practice intentionally limits the number of patients we look after at one time to ensure we continue to offer personalised care in a relaxed environment, as we understand that good medicine takes time.

We will review you regularly throughout your pregnancy in our rooms, and we will continue to look after you if you are admitted to hospital or require review in the labour ward.

As ultrasound experts, we will perform bedside ultrasound with including 3D/4D ultrasound at each visit so you are able to see your baby developing throughout the pregnancy. Milestone ultrasounds of pregnancy will be arranged as needed.

We will keep a close eye out for any problems that may develop, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, and will manage any medical problems you may already have that need extra care in pregnancy. As specialist doctors, naturally we will support your physical health but we also understand the importance of supporting your mental health and emotional wellbeing throughout the pregnancy journey.

We discuss in detail your plans for birthing well in advance of your baby’s arrival, to tailor our care to safely meet your needs and wishes. We are experts in normal vaginal birth, as well as specialists at instrumental birth and caesarean section.

We look forward to caring for you during this exciting time.

We are a boutique, highly-qualified, all-female Obstetric practice offering personalised Obstetric care for women on Sydney’s North Shore.

Dr Kathryn Austin

Dr Margie Harpham