Early pregnancy can be both an exciting and daunting time.

At North Obstetrics, we can confirm a pregnancy for you and calculate your due date. We will work with you to make a plan for your pregnancy, to ensure the highest chance of a safe and happy birth.

We know early pregnancy complications can be incredibly stressful and understand the importance of working with you during this time. We provide support and advice for problems such as bleeding in early pregnancy or nausea and vomiting. Dr Austin and Dr Harpham understand that you may simply need specialist reassurance at this early stage.

We will discuss and arrange screening for genetic conditions, such as Down Syndrome, if wanted.

In the unfortunate event you experience a miscarriage, we will support you through this challenging time both emotionally and physically. We would be privileged to help with the ‘where to from here’ including supporting you with your options of miscarriage management, self-care, and planning for the future.

We are a boutique, highly-qualified, all-female Obstetric practice offering personalised Obstetric care for women on Sydney’s North Shore.

Dr Kathryn Austin

Dr Margie Harpham