Who you choose to look after you during pregnancy is an incredibly important decision.

It is important that you have the opportunity to get to know the person looking after you, and that you can have continuity of care.

Choosing a private specialist obstetrician for your pregnancy care means that you will have all your pregnancy, birth and after pregnancy care with the same person.

At North Obstetrics, we are mothers ourselves and have had first-hand experience at the highs and lows of pregnancy, as well as over a decade of experience managing other women’s pregnancies. We really understand the importance of having an obstetrician who you can trust and connect with during this time.

We are a female-only practice. We intentionally care for only a limited number of women at a time, allowing us to really get to know the women we look after and ensure that we are always there to help when needed. We know the importance of practising safe, evidence-based, quality obstetric care.

Dr Harpham and Dr Austin are both Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists. We are experts in caring for both low and higher risk pregnancies. We will continue to provide expert care for you even if complications develop or you need admission to hospital at any stage of your pregnancy. Most high risk pregnancies begin as low risk and so no matter what happens in your pregnancy you will know you are in safe hands at North Obstetrics.

Being Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists means that both Dr Austin and Dr Harpham are experts at pregnancy ultrasound. At each visit we will personally perform an ultrasound to allow you to hear your baby’s heart beat and see your baby in 3D and 4D.

We provide personalised, evidence-based care for women throughout pregnancy.
We can walk you through your pregnancy step by step, from that very first positive pregnancy test. We practice shared decision making with women we look after, meaning that you are involved in any decisions that need to be made about your own care.

Our rooms are located very close to the Royal North Shore Hospital campus, and women under our care can choose to deliver their baby as a private patient at either North Shore Private Hospital or Royal North Shore Hospital.

Please feel free to call us on 9157 4011 for more information.

We are a boutique, highly-qualified, all-female Obstetric practice offering personalised Obstetric care for women on Sydney’s North Shore.

Dr Kathryn Austin

Dr Margie Harpham