The first few months after having a baby can be the most incredible, but also some of the most demanding in a woman’s life.

We continue to care for all our women after birth and into the post-pregnancy period, to help make this period as smooth as possible.

Whilst in hospital, we will review any medical problems and discuss any concerns such as after-birth pain or bleeding. We understand the importance of emotional wellbeing after pregnancy and will support your emotional health in your transition into parenthood.

We will help you make plans with regard to returning to aspects of pre-pregnancy life. We have strong relationships with a range of private and public breastfeeding and midwifery services to connect you to support where needed. We work closely with all members of the health care team to ensure you will have all these health supports available as required.

At your follow up visit in our rooms, we will make a personalised plan for your contraception, cervical screening and future family planning as required.

We are a boutique, highly-qualified, all-female Obstetric practice offering personalised Obstetric care for women on Sydney’s North Shore.

Dr Kathryn Austin

Dr Margie Harpham